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Mixed paper

De-inking grade newsprint

Over-issued news


Old corrugated cardboard

Beer carton waste

Mixed office paper

News blank

Hard white

Soft white

Mixed envelope

White Ledger

Colored ledger

Plastic windowed kraft envelope

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With divisions located across North America, Europe and China. OGO Fibers Inc. has the resources and network to meet your revenue expectations. We understand that our customers have a variety of channels to sell their recycled waste paper. Our proud list of loyal customers are testimony to our success and our ability to provide you with 100% satisfaction and trouble-free operations.




OGO will keep the promise of the purchase regardless of the market changes. OGO will pay in a timely manner. For those suppliers with long term contract, OGO will buy the materials regardless of the seasons. OGO will provide suppliers with a purchasing list at the end of each month etc ...


Client's satisfaction will always be our TOP priority. OGO will keep real time update on shipping and schedules once we received the contract. OGO will uUpdate on booking information after it's confirmed. Shipping advices including ETD, ETA, Vessel name, Quantity etc will be provided at your conveniences.

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